Financial support is vital - it allows us to operate and help the many organizations and thousands of families we work with throughout the year.  We often receive urgent requests, such as a shelter desperately low on supplies, a school needing books, a food pantry who have found themselves desperately low on a particular food item or a Mother who doesn't have the funds to feed her children, 

Your donations can ensure we have the funds to act quickly in these situations.  










Donate online

Give online using our secure server 

Donate By Mail 

Send a check made payable to Families Helping Families Chicagoland to:

4960 Prairie Oak Road




Employer Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees.  If you are an employee ask at work whether your employer has such a program.


If you are an employer, please consider Families Helping Families Chicagoland for your matching program.